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Fewer than 27% of adults in developing Asia have an account in a formal financial institution. This limits the opportunities for these consumers to manage their daily lives, cope with unexpected difficulties, develop their entrepreneurial skills, and plan for the future. Furthermore, only 33% of enterprises in developing Asia report having a line of credit or a loan from a financial institution, which is prohibitive on business growth. Since these businesses are firmly rooted in their communities, the lack of financial access means that they are not able to create jobs for the local population and help improve their livelihoods.

These challenges make the need for financial inclusion evident. It is estimated that the cumulative effect of digitally driven acceleration in financial inclusion could boost GDP by 2% to 3% in markets like Indonesia and the Philippines. For populations that are earning less than $2 a day, that would translate to a 10-percent increase in income in Indonesia and the Philippines. Our investments aim to increase the number of quality jobs created for the underserved individuals and communities, helping small businesses become more sustainable, as well as assisting marginalized people in gaining access to affordable financial products so that they can become more financially secure.


Nue3 Capital is an Asian-based emerging technology asset manager with a unique mix of digital asset and traditional financial funds management expertise. We are focused on investing in financial technologies delivering financial inclusion to emerging markets which are not served by traditional financial institions. We are looking to invest in disruptive technologies such as mobile payments, lending, credit scoring, wealth management and Web3 technologies. We apply a disciplined and methodical approach to managing investments through a continued assessment of risk and performance of our investment strategies.


Through our unique position as experienced venture capital investors with a proven track record and strong connections to the public markets and Web3 technologies, our objective is to deliver results unparalleled in traditional markets to both our investors and partners. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, unique opportunities present themselves to those with the experience and knowledge required to build a strong business. Identifying transformative projects with genuine potential and establishing partnerships that will weather market volatility is where over thirty years of venture capital investment expertise is paramount.



Lee Yen Yen, General Partner

Ms Lee holds a MBA in Global Business from Coventry University, UK and a Bachelor Degree of Engineering from Monash University, Australia. At present, Ms. Lee is the Executive Director of Vynn Venture Sdn Bhd; a company providing renovation and decorative services and Omicron Sdn Bhd. Prior to venturing on her own business, Ms. Lee was a financial advisor with I-Max Financial Sdn Bhd; a financial planning firm licensed by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.

Tang Kit Seang, General Partner

Mr Tang was a graduate from Universiti Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Graphic. At present, Mr. Tang is the General Partner of Nue3capital Sdn Bhd, a private equity investment holding company and qualified remisier with Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad. Prior to his current roles, Mr. Tang had served as Executive Director of NWP Holdings Bhd, a public listed company on the main board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Mr. Tang has more than 10 years of experience in financial market and stock broking business having also served in SJ Securities Sdn Bhd, Mercury Securities Sdn Bhd and Hong Leong Bank.



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